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Two things today:

First, I am making amazing time going through book 2, editing and formatting. I forgot how good this freaking book is. I am crazy excited to get this out to you guys. I will post cover art in a couple days when I get everything finalized. (I should have had that done weeks ago. Sorry)

Second, I wanted to clue you guys into what book you’ll actually be looking for on launch day! You will all be searching the shelves and Internet stores for:

“Captured Power”

Book 2 of the Sorcerer’s Diary series. 

This the second book in the adventures of Cary and picks up right where book 1 left off. With the newly empowered Sorcerer Cary and the Elven Serena fleeing from the doomed city of Sila in an attempt to save the lives of countless people from the murderous fury of the blood priests.

I’ll post the official blurb next week. Get ready guys. This book is amazingly good.