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I try not to get political here. I really do. Everyone has an opinion, everyone gets a say, and everyone should be willing to fight for their beliefs through words or actions.

But right now and for the last few days I am being forced to sit here and watch 50,000 people die. And there is nothing I can do. I follow many activists and soldiers in Syria and some who are currently trapped in Eastern Allepo. I have read their words, seen their goodbye messages, and I know as well as they do what their chances are.

Nothing is going to stop it now. Eastern Aleppo is lost. The hundreds of civillians buried in rubble will not be helped in time. The rebel soldiers still in the area will die. The female activists and school teachers face the choices of rape or suicide.

And I feel ashamed.

Because I haven’t done anything. I’ve known about it for years. I’ve heard the stories, seen the footage, read the tweets and the reports. And I’ve done nothing.

And those people are going to die. Some of them I’ve grown to admire. Some I’ve laughed with over their twitter feeds, and some I’ve just watched their videos and thought “he seems like an okay guy.” And within the next 36 hours it is almost certain that they will, literally, be drug into the street and shot.

I don’t give a damn about the politics behind it. I don’t give a damn about the nations or the money or which government gave who weapons. I care about the 50,000 people who are going to be massacred in the next day and a half.

Fuck religion. Fuck government. Fuck money. And Fuck politics.

Those are people.
#Aleppo #StandwithAleppo