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Currently, I live in the desert. It has its ups and downs, although most of the downs stem from the other people who live here, but there is one thing I cannot understand. Why the hell is everything brown? !?

I get that it’s the desert and the surrounding landscape is largely brown. My problem is the buildings. The outsides are brown, the houses are brown, the carpets inside are brown, the walls, etc. The damned back hallway of the building I work at is so brown that the walls, ceiling, and floor tiles are all the same damned shade! 

What the hell is the matter with people???

If it’s not brown it’s tan. I think tan is worse.

I guess it’s a local culture thing. Maybe it’s programmed into the young? Year after year of school children chanting the educational rhyme:

If it’s not brown, we’ll burn it down.

If your house is blue, it’s too bad for you.

 They March through the streets in tan uniforms, holfing brown balloons and pouring colored paints down sink drains in effigy. Every house painter needs to be ‘Brown certified’…

It’s creepy man. It’s some disturbed distopian nightmare come to life. I want to start vandalizing houses and building just to see some damn color. They’d call me ‘The Bright Paint Bandit’ and spit in the sand at the mention of my artwork. I could lead the resistance! I could make a difference! Or I could just run at the soonest opportunity.

Most of these people are as beige on the inside as their buildings. That’s the true nightmare. That’s what I really want to run from. I don’t want to be as colorless as the rest of this place.