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I think the main character of my current Novel In Progress (NIP) is broken. I decided early on that I’ve been way too soft on my other main characters. They’ve all had it too easy. So I wasn’t going to be nice to this guy. (If you’ve read my other books, and you were blessed with compassion, this should bother you.) But this guy is easily the most laid back, easy going guy I’ve ever written.  His life totally sucks right now and he just kind of shrugs at it.

Therefore I have my new goal. I will torment this character until the story ends or he admits defeat. I want him broken. (Actually, I’m kind of rooting for him, even as I light his world on fire.)

He’ll either break or the story will end. Either way, it’s going to make for an entertaining novel.

His name is Arkady. And I’m using his voodoo doll as a punching bag.