I’ve been watching a lot of cartoons lately. (I’m a grown man. I don’t need your permission.) Anyway, every good superhero has a support network, even if that network doesn’t know the person is a superhero. There’s Aunt May, Los Lane, SHIELD, Jarvis, Alfred, etc.

So then, the question becomes what kind of support do you want to go with? Family and friends who don’t know your secret? Family and friends who do know? People who care? Sentient computers?

Personally, I’m choosing the Batman route. I want the butler who can kick but and just chooses not to most days. There is a real draw toward the bad ass girlfriend who can help nurse me back to health, but I’m thinking that would create too much drama. They’re always getting killed or coming back from the dead, or whatnot. Plus, there’s friction whenever I seduce the evil villainess.

So for me, I vote Butler