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The argument that “Life isn’t fair” is a long term pet peeve of mine. So many people say it, yet I’m constantly tempted to ask what the hell their basis for comparison is. Sure, life can suck some days, but it’s all in how you look at it. If you think life is a West-End Musical, or the kind of crap they teach in elementary school in the U.S. these days, then yeah. Life is going to seem a little fucked.

But it’s just playing by a different set of rules.

I just recently found a great article about this from a man named Oliver Emberton. I’ll post the link to the original article below, but basically he says that life is very fair, if you realize that there are certain rules:

  1. Life -is- a Competition
  2. You are Judged by what you Do, not what you think.
  3. Our Idea of Fairness is really Self-interest

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