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This isn’t really about writing. It’s about people and ideas.

There are so many options in life, so many beliefs, so many codes of conduct, manners, chivalry, expectations, lifestyles, plans, goals, resolutions, opinions (For the Love of God-So Many Opinions!) , oh and let’s not forget the feelings. Everyone has feelings and they are suddenly so God-Damned sensitive.

I am honestly -not- saying that being sensitive is wrong. Really.

The point is, and here goes, I don’t care.

At all.

Not even a little bit.

And neither should you.

We are all different. We have all lead very different lives and done very different things. (Thank God. How boring would it be otherwise?) And that has given each of us a completely ¬†independant view of the world. My experience may have shown me that dogs practice Martial Arts when I’m not home, while you may think I’m nuts.

Does it matter?


We are probably not going to convince each other without evidence, and most of us will even dispute evidence if it’s something we care about. The point is, whatever you believe, prepare to defend. Anytime anyone takes a stand on anything, ever, there will be someone who thinks otherwise. For as long as there are people in existence. Don’t take it personally. It’s really not an attack. It’s just a fact of life. A fact of many lives. people don’t always agree and almost no idea is truly universal.

Maybe there are absolutes. Maybe not.
I haven’t seen any and I don’t really feel like I’m missing out.

We all take stands and we all should be ready to fight to defend our ideals and goals. We should all be ready to discuss and compare and maybe we can even change someone else’s mind, maybe we get our minds changed. Who knows?

Accept each other for our differences. By definition, they are what make us unique.