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I posted last week about Razzmatazz; a word that I just truly enjoy, but now it is time for the dark side of the language. Some words just disappoint me. They don’t live up their potential. Today’s example is a word that is filled with the potential to be truly awe inspiring, but falls so flat. Which is ironic since it deals with mountains…

Today’s sad word is:

Adirondack — The Adirondack mountains are a region in upstate New York. It’s also a type of chair. So disappointing….

Okay, I’m sure the mountains are beautiful and the chairs are comfy, but really? Is that it? Look at that word! It’s a good word. It should be full of majesty and magic and a little bit of sexy danger.

I hear the word “Adirondack” and I want to think of something cool. Like it’s some weird type of feathered serpent. I’m totally okay if the Adirondack serpent lives in the Adirondack mountains. How’s that? Can we do that? The serpent is like mottled blue and brown to blend in with the shadows around trees. It slithers into the branches above and launches itself at low flying birds! Can we make that a thing? Please?

Maybe there’s two types! And the one I just described is the “Lesser Adirondack” and the “Greater Adirondack”, now mostly extinct, has membranaus wings like a flying squirrel that billow out to allow it to glide for short periods. How’s that? Can we do that? No one cares about your damned chairs! I want my flying serpents!