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Okay, so here’s the thing:

I have decided to give myself a Christmas present. Not just any present, but one I actually really, really want. I’m going to publish a book for Christmas.

I have the book. I have the skills. I have the technology. I can rebuild… Wait. That’s wrong. Anyway.

My first book, ‘Hand of Fortune’, has also become my first trunk novel. One of those stories you keep in a box, (or a trunk), and haul out once a year or once every couple to try and sell. I hate this. I love the book. Yes, there are some areas that I could improve on, especially now that I’m such a better author than I was before, but I’m going forward with it.

There is no reason for it to sit on my hard drive gathering cyber dust. I want it published, and thanks to the internet, I can publish it. So here’s the plan. I’m going to:

  1. Take a break from my other books and review, edit, revise, and rewrite. I want all those loose areas tightened and strengthened. I want it the best I can make it. (Already Started.)
  2. Have it edited. Let’s face it. I’m good, but I risk the chance of getting lost in the story and losing track of the actual words. This is why we hire professionals. (Luckily, I’ve already started on this, too.)
  3. Find an artist who will do cover art for me. I want this to look good and my own art skills are not up to the task. (Like, at all.)
  4. Find an online retailer. There are several to choose from and I may just end up using them all, but I’ll have to make that call.
  5. Write the front and back matter. This is all the stuff like ‘Acknowledgements’, and ‘About the Author’, and links to the website and stuff like that. This stuff is more about me than about the book.
  6. Format. I hear this can be a pain.
  7. Submit. I don’t want to self-publish. I want this to be the first of many independently published works. I feel there’s a difference, which I’ll explain later.
  8. Publish!

That’s the plan. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot of time to get it done in, but luckily I started a few weeks ago when this idea first started playing around in my head. I’m announcing it now because I’ve decided to push through with it and I’ll be posting as I go. There are a lot of How-to’s on the internet about self-publishing so I’m sure I can find information if I need it. and you guys can benefit from watching me go through it as well.

Wish me luck.