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Never underestimate the power of reading and research. A while ago, weeks, months maybe, I came across an article for surprising uses of WD-40. I’m sure some of you have seen it. It was all over social media for a while. I read it and “ooo’d and aaaahhh’d” with the rest of the dorky community, but then mostly forgot it.

Until today.

Today I was in desperate need of a solution to a problem. The nature of the problem and the details leading up to it are unimportant, (especially because my wife reads this blog). But! In my hasty search for solutions I happen to think back to the earlier article and had a vague recollection that maybe, just maybe, it said something about WD-40 being able to remove spray paint from linoleum floors.

I leapt to my computer, throwing down newspaper as I went, (No details), and quickly looked up said article. Sure enough, it was there. A quick google search gave me some backing and off I went to the garage.

It worked. Problem solved. Crisis averted.

The important thing to take away here, other than that WD-40 is awesome, is two fold: 1) You don’t always have to remember everything you read. Just let it percolate in the back of your head until it’s needed. 2) Always do your reading.