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To the Ultra-Aggressive desert activist who threw herself in my path and started screaming at me about “The Patriarchy” and how I was part of the problem because I’m male:

I don’t know you, and from the way you were acting, I don’t ever want to know you. It’s not that I don’t support the cause of equal rights, it’s that I don’t support your version of Feminism. I know you may not see a difference, but let me point out that your voice carries very far, so when you told your friend that you wouldn’t quit until “All men begged you for forgiveness” I heard you. Everyone heard you. And frankly, It’s never going to happen. Ever.

You also seemed to be confused why I began getting a little Irate when you wouldn’t leave me alone. Again, it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a woman, or even an activist. Some days activism is the only way shit gets done. I was Irate because you stepped in front of me, insulted me, implied that I was the devil, and refused to leave. You also followed me for nearly a hundred yards spewing rhetoric. So yeah, I was annoyed.

If you think I’m the enemy because I’m a man, then you’re the sexist one.