I heard about this a few days ago. I’m not saying either side is right, but the claim from the National Security Spokesperson is just idiotic. “Too many innacuracies to fact check each one.” Great. That should make it easy to disprove everything. So you go get on that and let us know when you’re done. Until then you’re just spitting into a microphone.


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Seymour Hersh is a respected, old school investigative journalist who won a Pulitzer for exposing the My Lai massacre in 1968 and multiple national magazine awards. This weekend he published a new 10,000-word investigative report on the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the gist of which is that Bin Laden wasn’t so much in hiding, as previously reported, but being held on house arrest by Pakistani security services (the ISI) when he was killed. Hersh alleges, among other things, that the US discovered him not through years of intelligence work with the break being the identification of his courier, but through a tip from an ISI-connected Pakistani looking to collect the $25 million reward. And that the raid was a kill mission from the start, carried out with the full cooperation of the ISI.

Here are a couple of the key passages. First, the nature of it being a joint…

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