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I’m going to admit something a little weird. Up until recently I’ve never read, watched, heard, or otherwise absorbed anything by Agatha Christie.

Holy Crap, I was missing out.

I haven’t gotten to much Mrs. Marple yet, but I am totally jonesing on Poirot at the moment. I’ve been running around the house calling my dog ‘My dear Hastings’ and annoying the crap out of people, (specifically my wife), by talking about “Ze Little Grey Cells’. (Also, my wife would like everyone to know that my French Accent is horrible.)

It’s not just the well-woven mysteries, though those are very well done. It’s just… How do I put this? Poirot is such a Dick. He’s such an arrogant ass, but he does it with such style. I love discovering great writing that I didn’t know about before. It gives me new opportunities to learn and grow, to see how the experts and masters handled it. Such style, such poise, such rudeness, this is character.

Mon Dieu!! How do I write like this?

(Worst French Accent. Ever.)