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Okay, I have to share.

You guys all remember me ranting about this guy, right? The guy who was just sitting on his hands and waiting for his muse without actually doing anything?

Well two nights ago I ran into someone else, someone even better. This girl was tall, blonde, and talkative. And she was telling everyone within ear shot about her new job. She’d even had business cards printed up. Her New Job was Creative Muse.  As soon as I heard her talking about it I had to learn more. Apparently she grew up around a lot of creative people and was always around while they were bouncing ideas around. She says this made her really creative and really good at analyzing ideas.  After having been involved in “horrible relationships with worse artists”, (Her words, not mine) she decided to make a career of helping out starving artists. Then she’d “at least get paid for it.”

And here I was thinking that ‘finding your muse’ was just a metaphor. Turns out you can actually hire one. 🙂

Needless to say I had to get her business card.