I’m not much of a political pundit. Usually I try to keep my political views to myself and let everyone do the same, and to those of you cringing, this isn’t a political rant, but it is something I feel should be said.

I want every hacktivist on the planet to step-the-hell up. For years we have listened to the proclamations from groups like Anonymous and WikiLeaks, and God knows how many others. Plus the leakers, and the whistle blowers and everyone else. To them I say, Thank you.

That’s right. Thank you. We need you in our world. Information is being controlled and funneled through too many filters and sieves worrying about how the general public will react. We need people like you. And right now it is time for all of you to step up again. Though, at perhaps a different target.

I’m talking about Sony.

The internet is ablaze with reports of Sony pulling the release of it’s comedy film ‘The Interview’ due to threats from North Korea. Maybe the threats were far more credible than originally reported to the public because of all those filters I mentioned before. Maybe some marketing “genius” in Sony thought it would be a great way to build up the media hype before pretending to ‘take a stand’ and releasing the film as a triumph of courage. Whatever. It doesn’t matter.

This is why we need you, the hackers and crackers. We need you to hack Sony. God knows it can’t be that tough anymore. Hack Sony, find the digital master of ‘The Interview’ and release it. Release it world wide and free. Because no one should be able to threaten us into what we can and can’t see. Not North Korea, not our own Government, no one. And release it for free because Sony shouldn’t be able to profit from fear and cowardice.

That’s what you do, isn’t it? You hacktivist groups. You fight tyranny and control, right?

Time to prove it.

Step up.