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Fleet 22

I growled and snarled my way along the main corridor. It wasn’t Janet’s fault she was curious. I’d been told several times I was a God damned medical curiosity. Medical technology is never more advanced than when its building better soldiers. Somehow every government and side manages to dig deep and finally find all that research money. And, hey, if a couple of ‘test subjects’ don’t make it, that’s just the price of progress right?

Push it away. I told myself as I reached the door to my room. Doesn’t matter now, anyway. The implants were long gone and all I had left was a half set of nearly unbreakable bones and some nightmarish memories the skull implants hadn’t managed to wipe completely. Fuck it, man. Life’s a bitch.

The body on my bed was naked and cold. The flesh on her fingers and toes was deep blue and there was frost in her hair. She wasn’t breathing. And then it gets worse.

The emergency teams were there in minutes, trouble in the officer’s quarters got priority. They shoved into the room and hit the floor, scanning the body. She was frozen solid. One of the E-team responders stared at me, blinking. “Where did she come from?”

I waved my arms in exasperation. “I have no idea. Who is she?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know.”


“I’ve never seen her before.”

Cord barreled into the room, shoving people aside and shouting orders. “Get that freezer off the bunk and back down to cryo! Make it fast!”

The E-teams hoisted the frozen body into the air, scrambling under Cord’s gaze. I waited until they were heading down the hall. “Back down to Cryo? She was in stasis?”

The big man sneered at the retreating procession. “We got the alert about fifteen minutes ago. The computer came up with a body missing from stasis. We thought it was some strange computer glitch. No one takes a body from the freezer, but when we finally tracked down the cryo unit it was open and empty. We’ve been scanning the ship and security systems ever since. Your call fit the bill.”

“What the fuck is going on here, Cord? I’ve only been on ship for a few days. Why am I getting frozen bodies in my bed and how the hell did someone get her up here without anyone seeing them?”

Cord growled out the door at two crewmen walking within nearby and they quickstepped out of hearing range. He rounded on me with a scowl and spat on the floor. “The Captain told me she brought you up to speed on the situation.”

“She did.”

“Then you know damned well why someone is playing with you. Sending you a message. And as for how they got her up here without anyone seeing?” He stepped into the hallway and shrugged like a jack-ass about to kick. “The scary answer is the easy one.”

I stared at his moving back, watching him grow small down the hall. The easy answer; they didn’t. People saw. People knew. Maybe people helped. We weren’t dealing with one lone psycho. Damn.