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I know I’m supposed to be writing a novel here, but I’m going to take a brief interlude for the following:

I did it!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m participating in NYCmidnight’s 2014 Flash Fiction Challenge. It has been a crazy competition so far and some of the people I’ve been going up against have just been incredible. I have seen some stories on here that can really just make you happy you took the time to read them.  As the rules go, everyone participates in the first two rounds, but to go to round three you have to score in the top 5 people in your sub-group. (Each sub group has about 50 people.)

And I did!  I am so thrilled with this. I got hit with a couple of really tough writing assignments, things like Romantic Comedy that I’ve never done before.  This has been a great experience. I’ve loved getting all the feedback and I’ve learned a lot.  I get my next assignment this Friday so look for it to come.