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I need more Axes in my life.

I have plenty of swords, and daggers, knives and hammers, bows and arrows, and several guns. (But I can always use more, that zombie apocalypse isn’t going to fight itself, you know.)  I have clubs and staffs, training weapons, punching gloves and the know how and freakishly diseased mind to concoct explosives and a variety of poison gasses from regular household materials, but I’m just missing that Axe connection.

And no, I don’t mean Exes. God knows I have plenty of them.

Maybe it’s just that it’s Halloween and the mutant hordes will soon be roaming the streets in the guise of children, but I need to find myself a good axe.  Maybe a few. I’ll need a good Tomahawk for throwing, a solid hand axe for close quarters, I live in the desert so I won’t need a wood axe if I get my hands on a good sized battle-axe.  You know, something nicely weighted and quality. I want an axe I don’t have to be gentle with. If you have to be gentle it’s not really an axe. I want something with good weight, something I can do some real damage with.  With a sword or a dagger I can cut my opponent, perhaps even skewer them, but with a good axe I can split a man’s head in twain.

There’s a lot to be said for that.