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I’ve mentioned before that I am currently taking part in the 2014 Flash Fiction Challenge. This past weekend I received the results of challenge one.  The writers have been split into groups and only the top 15 writers in the group are awarded points. That being said I scored three points out of a possible 15. That means I currently rank 12 out of 45.

I am absolutely ecstatic with the results, and even more pleased with the great critiques and reviews I’ve gotten from the other writers on the forums. The feedback has been incredible and I would like to thank everyone who has participated and given me their opinions.

My round #2 challenge was issued last Friday as well.  This time my challenge is:
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Location: A Chocolate Shop
Object: Fried Chicken

As with the first challenge the rules from the contest say I have to stay within the genre, and the main bulk of the story has to take place in the required location.  The object only has to appear momentarily, but it does have to appear.

I’ll post the story result as soon as I get the okay from the challenge coordinators.