Zen Flash

From the book The Practice of Loneliness (Ганцаардлын Дасгал / Gantsaardaliin Dasgal)
by L. Olziitogs
Translated into English by Lisa Fink


I look at a mountain and know that I am mountain
I observe mist and perceive that I am cloud
After rain sprinkles I sense that I am grass
As soon as the sparrow’s twittering begins, I remember
that I am morning

I am not merely human

When a star flares up I know that I am darkness
As soon as girls shed their thick winter clothes, I remember
that I am spring
When I smell only longing from every person in the universe
My ever more tranquil heart understands that it is a fish’s

I am not merely human

Under a multi-colored sky the immense VOID,
From today on I, only…


Уулыг хараад би уул гэдгээ мэддэг
Униар мананг ажаад үүл гэдгээ мэдэрдэг
Бороо шивэрсний дараа өвс гэдгээ…

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