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New post: Flash Fiction

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook that was truly interesting.  The 2014 Flash Fiction contest.

Flash fiction is a category of short stories.  Extremely short.  1000 words max.  The contest is four rounds, and you have to score in the top 125 in the first couple rounds to go to the third, then the top 5 for round 4.  The prizes are pretty awesome, but even more important is that every story submitted is professionally critiqued and reviewed.  Plus, you can post each entry on the forums for critique and review from the online community.  Several hundred, if not thousands, of reviews per story.  Its awesome.

The reviews and critiques are well worth the entry fee and after reading last years winners I think I really have a competitive shot at winning.  I know I’ve got a lot of other writers following my blog so I’ll post the link below. If you sign up, I wish you the best of luck.