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My fiance says she doesn’t understand how writing works.  At least, she doesn’t understand how it works for me.  According to her, I don’t actually type enough.  I merely tap a few keys to keep up appearances and then I frown the words onto the page.

I wanted to know if that was similar to the old stories about Davy Crocket Grinning down a bear.  But, for all I know, She may be right.

She has watched the process far more than I have.  When I’m writing, and really in the zone I couldn’t even tell you if there’s still coffee in my mug, no matter how often I check it.

This is in direct opposition to Writer’s block.  When I’m blocked I’m completely aware of everything.  I can tell you how many seconds have gone by since the last annoying noise out my window.  Or how stupid my last sentence sounds.  I can’t move past any of it.  Maybe that’s the key to understanding Writer’s block and maybe helping get past it.