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The chair I’m sitting on is a beauty.  It’s solid Cherry with a beautiful finish and I found it near the dumpster of my apartment complex.  Originally it had been a bar chair and stood nearly 4 foot tall, but someone had snapped off the bottom 6 inches or so of one leg.  Most people would have simply passed it by, but I often have a problem leaving things to the curb, when the potential for what they could be is so obvious.  

It took me less than fifteen minutes to cut the chair down to size.  Woodworking is something of a hobby of mine.

I still need to adjust the legs a little.  I left them long on purpose.  The trick is to leave them long and slowly trim off the bottoms.  Give yourself a few days to accustom yourself to the height and adjust slowly.  It may take a week or so, but eventually you’ll end up with a perfect custom fit chair for the price of a little patience and effort.  How much of the world works the same way?  How much better could we live if we just applied a little patience and understanding?

It is often said that the modern world is fast-paced and hectic, but so much of that is our own fault.  Stress should not dominate our lives.  How much of what we do is unnecessary?  Can we trim away at aspects of our lives until they are perfect?  Too often we go from everything to nothing and back again, yo-yoing between the two extremes with no conception of why it isn’t working.

People rush through traffic so fast that most people forget there is an actual person in the cars around us.  People at work through themselves into it with abandon.  And when we finish our day, we come home.  And then what?  Most of us simply turn off.  There is no real downtime.  So few people have actual hobbies.  Things they do to make themselves happy.  Because Hobbies take effort and the world has told us we need to spend all of our effort chasing a dollar and none of it chasing peace.

I find that annoying.