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When I say bad writing habits, I don’t mean things like an overuse of adverbs, or cliche’d dialogue.

What I mean is what bad habits does writing bring out in you?  Me, for instance: I drink way too much coffee.  Sometimes the coffee is actually whiskey.  Sometimes it’s Gin.  I sit on my butt too much rather than doing other things that need to be done.  My dog whines at me because I’ve forgotten to take him out while I’m trying to get this last page as perfect as I can.   I smoke way too much.  Like Way too much. Because it helps me think.  My posture is horrible.  I’m wearing the same clothes two days in a row because last night I stopped writing only long enough to pass out on the couch watching Casablanca, and this morning I’m back at it.  If I’m in the zone I don’t answer my phone, or my text messages.  I get annoyed when people try to talk to me.  Basically I turn into a hermit with a very, very low life expectancy.  All in the need to progress.  All because I get lost in my writing, my own world.  Shaping and trimming every word or phrase.

What are some of your bad writing habits?