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Many people today are leaves. We drift upon the waters of life and down the river of time. Every stone in our path or breath of wind moves us and causes our world to shake and shiver. With each brush of the bank or eddy of current we swirl around watching our world change shape and rearrange, helpless to do anything about it.

Is this the way it is supposed to be? Or should we not be more? It is in our nature to grow. Can we not grow as people, become more than leaves. Instead of letting ourselves swirl at every breeze we should become branches and stones, shaping our lives and our world’s around us. Let us be the ones who shape our world.

I know it will not be easy. It will take much strength and perseverance and with each moment we will need to decide if we should stand against the current or bend with it. No stone can, or even should, stand against the river eternally. We must root our opinions into ourselves. It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks. If you or I have examined a thing on our own and thought about it on our own and come to our own decision. That is all that should be required. We can have our reasons for liking a thing or not liking a thing. For agreeing or disagreeing.  What else do we need if we have our own thoughts?

It takes courage to do this. And even greater courage to later realize that sometimes we were at first wrong.  None of us are always right so we must face that sooner or later we will learn we were wrong, perhaps greatly, perhaps about many things.

Is that what it is? Fear or being wrong? Or is it that we have few opinions of our own? They are given to us by television, by celebrities, music, Religious leaders, and by politicians.  For these ideas we can only ever have faith and faith in others at that. We cannot have our own reasons or faith in ourselves.

We must develop our own thoughts, with reason and feeling. We must develop faith in our selves and the strength to stand behind our convictions. Only in this way will we shape our world as we are shaped by it.