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I just realized taht Blogs are the continuation or, at least, recurrence of the 1990 Christian Slater Movie ‘Pump Up the Volume.’  For those unfamiliar with the movie Here’s a synopsis from IMDB: Mark runs a pirate radio station and causes an uproar when he speaks his mind and enthralls fellow teens.

Basically it’s an early 90’s ‘be yourself and express yourself’ movie.  Which really are still huge in cinema.  But anyway in the movie the kid uses short-range radio to express himself.  He gets a cult-like following and things go haywire when the authority figures and parents try to shut them down.  Once again revealing that teenagers must express themselves and challenge the status quo… or something.  Any way, there’s this big scene at the very end of the movie where all these little pirate radio stations start popping up so people can express themselves.  Which brings us to blogging.  I wonder if the people who thought this up were Christian Slater fans?

Also, I can’t believe I remember the end scene from Pump Up the Volume.  I haven’t seen that movie in like 20 years.