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A friend tells me to “die with memories, not dreams.”

It’s a beautiful thought.

Elegant, refined, and full of the knowledge that life is for the taking.

But I can’t.

I won’t.

To die with memories instead of dreams is to give up the act of dreaming.

That will never happen.

I will live my whole life.

I will sieze every moment for love, for peace, for adventure.

When I have a choice to make and the answer is unclear I will choose for the better story after.

When my life is on the line and I have a choice between standing for what I believe and walking away quietly I will stand.

When a chance comes, I’ll take it,

no matter how afraid I am.

And with each dream fulfilled I will find another.

With each memory made, I’ll have a new goal.

And when I lie on my deathbed, with my mind full of memories.

I will look to the future and dream.

Dream of the future for the world I leave behind,

and dream of the great adventure left before me.