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This is a horror story.  Please don’t read it if you don’t like horror.  Maybe some of you won’t find it horrific, hopefully some of you will.  That’s the point of horror stories after all.  Not to be scary, but to be horrific.  That being said, enjoy:


She is Coming

Every light in the corner apartment blazed and the volume of her screams were nearly enough to crack glass. Pain rode through every decibel and fury accompanied every thrash of her body. Her sickness had begun months ago, growing and twisting within her. Her belly had swollen and grown and pain accompanied nearly every movement until tonight. The agony came in waves, growing in strength until she had ruptured, bleeding across the floors.

She had paid well for the luxury of sound-proofed walls and even as her pain grew she knew it had been worth the price. The demons were coming now. Abominations had grown within her, creatures she had been able to contain within the sanctity of her body until tonight.

Another spasm split her body and she screamed, flailing on the floor. Her body acted in defense expelling the creatures unto the carpet. Each spasm that slammed through her, every scream that echoed through the blazing apartment forced the creatures further into the world.

It took hours, but the pain finally slowed. The creatures lay gasping on the floor and she kicked them away, tearing them free of the last of their prison. It wasn’t too late. There was time to do the right thing. The creatures were still small and weak, fragile enough if she could find the strength.

Vomit covered her chest and the world spun in her vision. She twisted slowly, rolling away from the beginning screams of anger coming from the creatures on the floor. Hands scrambled through the air, searching, scratching at anything that came to hand. Something crunched beneath her grip and she yanked, tearing the blinds from the window.

The effort cost her, but she held on, straining against the darkness encroaching on her vision. She thrashed, flailing, tearing at the vinyl webbing.

Fingers caught around the harsh cording of the blinds and she pulled, tearing slack free. The creatures squaled and writhed, mocking her as she turned. She vomited again as she came near them repulsed and weak, but her determination held out. First one creature than the other. She scooped them up, yanking them toward her and wrapping the hard cord around what she thought was a throat. She fell forward, yanking the cord tight with her body weight as she crawled toward the kitchen, dragging the creatures behind her.

She woke minutes later, grasping the hilt of the knife. She was still bleeding, leaving a great trail across the floor behind her. The edges of the world narrowed in her vision. Blood sounded in her ears and she could no longer hear the pain of the creatures behind her. A final lurch shoved her body forward, falling on the knife. There was a moment of clearing shock as the knife punched through her skin, but her mind slipped away, filling only with the thought of the one that was to come.

“She will make them better.”  She gurgled, her mouth filling with blood.  “She will make it okay.”