In celebration of National Poetry writing Month I wrote a poem.  I don’t think I’ll keep writing a new one every day, but I’ll see if I can keep a couple coming.


I am not much for the giving of flowers.

It is too significant an act.

With each given flower we are saying:

“I have torn beauty from the world so you may watch it die.”

Civilization is the same.

The beauty of this world is sought, found, and shared until nothing is left

beyond the shells and fences we arrange to protect the beauty from the people we share it with.

Our own enthusiasm and desire for these places begins to destroy them.

As each one dies those remaining become more precious,

and to us, more beautiful.

In its way cutting flowers is too like the lives of men.

There comes a day when all men, all women, are cut free.

We are cut and we fall.


Does that make us beautiful?