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I apologize for the delay in posting, I had a rather annoying string of computer failure that affected all three computers I own.  Apparently a virus got into one of my systems and bounced around my home network for awhile until all my Operating Systems were in trouble.  So, last night when I finally had some free time I managed to get an old netbook up and running well enough that I could download linux and installed it.  I used the ancient netbook at first as practice and hopefully will continue to use it to get my remaining systems up and running.  So with luck this will be the first of many postings.

Okay, so that’s the apology.  On top of that by downloading, configuring, and installing linux I have now crossed the line and become a computer geek.  I was kinda tech-ish before and there has never been any doubt of my geekdom, but I was always a sci-fi or fantasy geek, maybe a part time tech-savvy at best.  Now there is no longer any doubt.  I’m a tech geek.