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I figure it’s pretty inevitable that I’m going to go irrevocable insane sooner or later.  These things happen.  But I’ve decided that when the men in the nice white coats are finally called to take me to task I want people to call me mad, rather than insane, (or heaven forbid, mentally deficient.)  More specifically I want them to call me a madman.  I just like the term, but it has to be pronounced properly.  I want it pronounced with a slightly British accent.  I want it pronounced ‘Madmun’.  Not “mad man”.  I think it just looses something with the more pronounced ‘a’ sound.

So, that being said, when you see me running down the street carrying a bag of gear with an overly excited Australian Shepherd racing along behind me and I’m screaming Bilbo’s quote from the first Hobbit movie. (” I’m going on an Adventure!”)  Then please take a moment to appreciate the moment and address me properly.  “He’s a Madmun.”