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For some reason today I’ve been thinking about Lightsabers, specifically all the colors they come in.  When you’re a kid in the academy do you get to pick or are they randomly assigned?  Do the other children form cliques or make fun of you depending on your lightsaber color?  Was a young Mace Windu bullied for years because his laser-sword shone with a pretty purple.  Was it this bullying combined with the soft words of his mother saying how pretty the light was and the stony silence of a disapproving father that drove him to mastery of the force and his pretty purple blade?

And what about that one poor kid who got the pink light saber.  “It’s not Pink!”  He screams daily.  “It’s Light Red!”  (Red vs Blue reference)  Did that kid just go dark side from the get go?  And they saw that coming, right?  All those wise and powerful Jedi masters at the temple?  They were all “Shit.  We got another pink one.  Watch him close, probably have to kill him.”

What other choice would there be, really?