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Hey, so I probably should have posted this first, but if you’ve read this blog at all then you should know that I don’t really bother doing most things in order.  Whether or not that’s healthy. 

A couple days ago I posted a few different versions of a query for the first novel I’ve finished.  It’s something I’ve been working on for a while now and I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m fairly comfortable with it and I’m looking to sell it.  This being said, I figured I’d try to increase interest by posting it here as a serial.  Maybe just a couple pages at a time so people can get a taste for my writing and go from there.  I tried this before with the Barn serial, but the problem with that one was that I hadn’t actually finished the book yet.  I would post as soon as I’d had some written which proved to be a rather large mistake.  However, since I have this novel written, tamed, and edited.  I can post regular updates without having to worry about it.

So with that being said, you’ll find post one below.  Enjoy.