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For centuries horror writers have been turning the everyday into the horrific and anyone familiar with corporate America should be able to tell you just how easy it is.  yesterday I spent three hours filling out paperwork for a new job working with a casino phone system.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  The entire process was an exercise in stupidity.  it was truly one of those moments that makes people state things like “the world has gone mad.”

But that got me thinking, what if it’s not the world that has gone mad, but the people in it.

Too much mediocrity, not enough true horror.  This is probably part of the reason a lot of horror writers do what they do.  To show people the world around them in a new light.  Maybe that’s part of our duty as writers.  And if it is, then maybe I should get on that.  There’s enough in the world that people need to see clearer. it could be that the world waits.

Even now, the dog stares.