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I’ve decided I’m going to start using the word “mug” more in conversation.  This will become apparent in phrases like: “Youz Mugz”, “What a mug!”, and the classic, “Your ugly Mug.”  Not to mention all the times I’ll use it to describe my coffee receptacle.  I feel it will give me a cigar-chomping, gangster-esque feel when meeting new people.  This is bound to come in handy.  Who doesn’t like a wise guy?  I can even use it to appropriately refer to my favorite dame.  In such a manner as “look at the mug on her.”  Maybe I’ll expand my praise to include comments about her ‘Gams’ or her ever lovely ‘Gun barrels.’

This adaptation to my speech patterns may not amount to much I’ll admit, but friends of mine can readily tell you of my campaign to talk more like a comic book.  Which maybe didn’t amount to much, but has at least resulted in the regular and emphatic use of the word “Drat!” to express my dismay at various events.

So, till next time, youz mugz.