*Adopts slow badly stereotyped drawl*

Well now, friends and neighbors, Looks like we’ve come t’ the end o’ one era and t’ start of another.

*throat clear, tuck accent back in trash bin where I found it*

All of my previous posts are now available here.  Sure, there really aren’t that many of them at the moment, but I did say it’d only been a couple of months.  I’ll try to post pretty regularly, but mostly only when things come to mind that I either wish to share, or just wish to put somewhere I can look at later.

Thanks for coming and I hope I can keep everyone coming back.  Ideally you can come back with friends, and they can bring friends, and more, and more, until even the pets are involved and the entire internet becomes a giant blogosphere singularity dedicated to the the writings of Tyrel Viner!!!

Oh… Well, it could happen.