NYC Midnight Micro-Fiction Contest


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Hey everyone,

So, I babble on and on about how much I love’s short story and flash fiction contests. Well, this year they started a new one. This one is Micro-fiction. 250 words max.

Which… is freaking insane.

But, eh what the hell…

So, participants are assigned a story genre, an action that has to happen in the story, and a word that has to be included.

250 words…

Soooo not a lot…

A Hundred Years

Irina skated along the edge of the lake, slowly spiraling away from the gaggle of children gathered near the fire. The winter sun had set hours ago, leaving the night dark and cold. On the beach, the children huddled together, roasting marshmallows, drinking cocoa, and swapping scary stories.

She listened with half an ear, gliding further and further afield. Each enlarging circle took her closer to warmth of the beach and closer to the soft quiet at the center of the lake. She loved nights like these. Nights when it felt like she could almost choose between the two.

As she danced along the thin ice toward the beach again and felt the warmth of the fire bathe her face, she heard the voice of child speaking over the heads of hushed younger children.

“It’s been a hundred years,” he said, “and they say she’s still out there,” he said, “still clutching the straw doll the killer used to lure her out onto the thinnest ice.

Irina laughed at the old story, watching the children jump aside as her laughter echoed from the darkness. Her razor sharp skates danced back toward the dark stillness in the center of the pond. She could tell the children the real truth about what had happened to all those girls so long ago. She was the expert after all. She’d lived through it way back when. Sort of…